Ecological Brewing

In the  early 1990s, Shede spirits put forward the philosophy of ecological brewing. The entry of “ecological brewing” was officially included in the national standard of “terminology of Chinese spirits industry”, leading an ecological boom in the industry. Shede spirits establishes a comprehensive ecological brewing system in the core of ecological brewing to construct “eight quality dimensions”.


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Cultural tourist area of Shede spirits is located in the Tuopai town, Shehong county, Suining city, Sichuan province (original named Willow town), covering an area of 3 kilometers, in the core of liquor making in the world, which famous for "ecological cycle and environmental protection”......


Shede Spirits co., ltd.

Shede Spirits Co., Ltd. is a famous spirits company in China and one of the “Six Golden Flowers” in Sichuan’s spirits companies. In 1996, Shede became the third public company in the spirits industry (600702.SS). In 2009, Shede received the China Quality Award, and is the third spirits company to have been awarded with such an honor.

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