Ecological area

1. Shede spirits is located in the geographical zone where the best natural liquor is made and embodies an irreproducible four-fold brewing ecosystem circle (great ecological circle of Sichuan basin -- sub-ecological circle of Shehong -- core ecological circle of Tuopai town -- micro-ecological circle of ecological park in Shede spirits).

2. Shede spirits is located in the mysterious latitude of 30.9° north, which is recognized as the most suitable for brewing in the world and is the golden triangle of Chinese liquor and three famous liquor belt of the Yangtze river, the Yellow river and Huaihe River for the most favorable ecological environment for microbial enrichment and reproduction in brewing. Maotai liquor, Lang liquor, Wuliangye, Jiannanchun, Shaoxing old liquor, Jiugui liquor, Wuling liquor and other well-known Chinese liquor are all around 30.9° north latitude.

3. Sichuan basin enjoys the advantaged geography, is a natural brewing pool. Shede spirits lies in the core area of the bottom (the recognized place for making high quality liquor) of the natural pool in Sichuan province. The trinity ecological environment of climate, soil and water is conductive to the growth and reproduction of microorganisms for brewing. The aging of pit mud and enrichment of microorganisms used to making liquor provides an abundant micro-ecological basis for the formation of flavor substances in Shede series.

4. Shede spirits creates vegetation ecosystem of brewing ecological park for decades to form a complete and unique list of plants. A total of more than 300 species (including over 150 planted species, over 150 kinds of natural growth) of trees, shrubs and herbs with more than 3.9 million plants. The factory is fully green (the lawn area such as ophiopogon japonicus is up to 331,909㎡) with the green rate of 98.5%, the greening rate of 43.7% and the green coverage of 47.4%.

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