Industry Park Introduction

Shede spirits cultural tourism area famous for “ecological cycle and green environmental protection”. It is located in Tuopai town (original named Willow town), Shehong county, Suining city, Sichuan province, which is known as "hometown of Guanyin and a land of poetry and liquor”. It covers an area of 3 square kilometers that located in the core area of brewing in the world.

The park is mainly composed of Shede art center, Tai’an workshop, customized center, 312 liquor-making park, storage rooms of pottery jar liquor, liquor culture theme hotel, etc. With liquor. It has a thousand years of liquor way and the wisdom cohesion of the world - Shede culture, national intangible cultural heritage - the traditional brewing craft of Tuopai qujiu, Chinese food culture heritage and the China time-honored brand - Tai’an workshop, 100,000 tons of ecological granary - green grain storage base, remarkable liquor-making center - 312 ecological liquor making center and other high quality industrial tourism resources, which is an excellent choice for industrial tourism, business investigation and leisure vacation for integrating the functions of industrial production, tourism, popular science of liquor and experience of liquor culture, etc..

The park has preserved original ecological natural environment relatively competed. It has beautiful scenery with high forest vegetation coverage rate. Green trees and liquor with light aroma are around...... Wandering in the park, enjoying the freshness of nature and the fragrance of liquor.

The park is mainly composed of eight scenic spots, including Shede arts center, Tai’an workshop, 312 liquor-making park, pottery liquor storage rooms, ecological brewing workshop, green grain storage base and intelligent packaging workshop, etc.
Tai’an workshop
“As the key cultural relic protection units in Sichuan province, Tai’an workshop is "Chinese food cultural heritage”. Old wells in three hundred years and old cellar pools in six hundred years continued the Ming and Qing dynasties’ inheritance, which fully shows the whole process of the traditional brewing technology. As a brewing museum, Tai’an workshop represents high value in the history of Chinese liquor brewing.
Water-taking way

High quality water source for Shede liquor is taken from the snow treasure top of Minshan mountain of 5,588 meters’ sea level into the Fujiang river. It has to go through unique tertiary treatment. The first treatment is the upwelling of mineralized layer of vegetable matter and gravel dialysis. The second treatment is the physical purification of tons of head tank. The third treatment is world-class water treatment equipment, the small molecule group of active water produced by which can promote the metabolism of the human body and allow the liquor more comfortable.

Ten tons of head tank: the circular building of tons of head tank covered by green shade is composed of the suction sump and outlet sump that connecting with each other and each with a storage capacity of 5,000tons of water. The main function is to dispatch water for production and living.

Liquor-making way
312 liquor-making park covers an area of over 400 mu and is an important part of ecological brewing industrial park in Shede spirits. Quadruple ecological circles and hundreds of species of rare trees are conducive to the enrichment of beneficial microorganisms for making liquor and the stability and optimization of microbial flora, which forming a huge natural strain bank. The “golden liquor” workshop covers a total construction area of 87,000 square meters, with a total of more than 1,000 rooms, and an annual output of 40,000 tons of high-quality liquor. Here inherit the ancient skills of "Taihe classics” and creates “211” liquor-making technology to produce the unique “golden liquor” and has obtained many national invention patents.
Green grain storage base
Unprocessed grains all come from the main producing areas of high-quality ecological grains. The complete set of grain storage equipment is the automatic ecological granary of 100,000 tons introduced from the American GSI company at a great expense of the Shede spirits. This equipment adopts the method of low temperature physical storage for automatic temperature control, dehumidification, purification and turnover. The temperature in the storage process of grain is regulated by the grain refrigerator, which keeps below 15℃ all the year round to ensure that the grain is free from insects, mildew and deterioration.
Ecological brewing workshop
Shede spirits boasts 32 environmental protection ecological brewing standardization workshops and more than 10,000 old cellars with over 3000tons of high-quality base liquor. The company puts ecological brewing into practice. In addition to creating a natural environment suitable for the growth and reproduction of beneficial microorganisms in brewing, it also implements comprehensive, full-staff and whole-process management and control and implements effective technological innovation as well. At present, the company has 17 liquor invention patents.
Smart Packaging Factory
Shede Liquor has a highly intelligent liquor filling line, with a total investment of more than 50 million yuan, an area of more than 20,000 square meters, and a daily output of 100,000 pieces of packaging.
Shede Art Center
Shede Art Center is the first phase project of Shede Spirits Industry to build a characteristic town of Chinese liquor. It is a comprehensive building complex integrating spirits culture experience, art exhibition, office, catering, accommodation, sports and other functions.
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