Shede-Mythical Characters Gift Package
Strong fragrance with aging, fragrant like irises and orchids, plump and delicate, sweet and refreshing
Original jar storage:≥6 years
Bouquet type:strong-flavored
Product description

Kuafu dares to chase the sun and let his dreams sleep in the mountains and rivers. Chang'e bravely flew to the moon, turning her thoughts into the moonlight for a thousand years.Those who chase the sky are fearless and have no regrets! Those who chase the sky do not begrudge! Pursue the dream of the stars and the sea, and create a great era. The pre-sale of Shede—Sky Chaser of Chinese Mythology Character Set is open! Limited to 60,000 sets, you only get one shot! Drinking Shede, dedicating to Shede!

Kuafu Chasing the Sun: In the great wilderness, Kuafu chases away the sun, abandons his splendor to resist the mandate of heaven, and drinks among the mountains and rivers.
Chang'e flies to the moon: The bright moon is bright, Chang'e dances her sleeves to embrace the heaven, leaves the splendid flowers to explore the sky, and chases her dreams in her paradise.

【Suitable for Gifts】
Rewards dreamers of great times. Let clienteles receive not only spirits, but also a touching and heart-warming gift.

【Suitable for Celebration】
Reward every struggler who chasing their dreams. At the celebration banquet, what was shared was not only delicious spirits, but also an exciting and inspiring movement.

【Suitable for Collection】
With the spirit of willingness and chasing dreams contained in myths and stories, it injects the soul of fine spirits into "true vintage and true old spirits". The limited edition of 60,000 sets is issued worldwide, and its scarcity is more collectible.

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