Tuo Xiao Jiu
compound old and fragrant, mellow and harmonious, soft and round, sweet and clean
Bouquet type:strong-flavored
Product description

Tuo Xiaojiu is a mid-to-high-end small bottle liquor brand of Shede Liquor for young people or consumers with a young mentality. Tuo Xiaojiu adheres to the original Liuliang Luxiang process and contains three-year-old spirits. It is a quality spirits with a refreshing and elegant taste and a long aftertaste.

Drink Xiaojiu and walk forward. Tuo Xiaojiu is the spirits of the enterprising people. When they are struggling, they burn their passion; when they are tired, they stay with you; when they are frustrated, they talk to you; when they achieve success, they celebrate for you; With the spirit of moving forward, encourage the young people who drink Tuo Xiaojiu.

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