TuoPai Tequ - 20/30 Year Cellar Age
Soft and supple, delicate and moist, cool and refreshing, with a long aftertaste
Bouquet type:strong-flavored
Product description

Immemorial bodega, strong aroma of spirit

The immemorial bodega has been selected for more than 20 years / 30 years with high quality, and the specific personnel are hired to ensure the best condition of the cellar consistently. Grain spirit brewed from 100% pure grains, containing six kinds of cereals, is made in immemorial bodega through the traditional process of solid-state fermentation, and the spirit is mellow and profound. Compared with general five grains, this spirit is much thicker and sweeter.

The auspicious one to choose, elegant one to keep

Taking the Song Dynasty porcelain jade pot spring bottle as the prototype, the bottle body is specially crafted; it draws on the lotus pattern of the twisted branches of the Yaozhou kiln porcelain in the Song Dynasty. It is a traditional auspicious pattern, meaning good luck. Moreover, because of the continuous structure, it also means "endless life and growth", which happens to have the same view with our brand’s ethos.

TuoPai Tequ - 20 Year Cellar Age is packaged in red, which is pure and dignified; TuoPai Tequ - 30 Year Cellar Age is packaged in the azure blue of Ru kiln "raining over the sky and blue clouds breaking the place", which is grace and meaningful.

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