T68 Tuo Pai Exceptional
mellow, smooth, and refreshing with long-lasting aftertaste
Bouquet type:strong-flavored
Specification:480ml*6 / 250ml*12
Alcohol:50%vol / 45%vol / 42%vol
Product description

For any job, attitude is not all that matters. To cut to the chase, Tuopai Fancy  concentrates on quality. Grain alcohol in 100% solid state fermentation; smooth body based on 6-cereal formula; <60% prime liquor distilled solely. Dare to be simple for concentration on quality.


Product Process
National Standard Premium
National standard premium spirits, the only premium spirits standard in the industry.
100% pure grain brewing
Six Grain Recipe
Six kinds of grains, scientific ratio, the spirits is more sweet and mellow.
<60% distilled liquor.
Only take<60% high-quality original spirits.
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