Ecological ageing

1. The reserve of old spirits is large: the reserve of high-end aged old spirits of willing spirits industry is more than 120,000 tons, ranking first in the country!

2. Good spirits storage container: Jiangsu Yixing high-quality purple sand pottery jar (single-sided glaze), the spirits quality is softer and fuller!

3. Long aging time: Our Luzhou-flavor base spirits must be stored for more than 3 years, and flavored spirits must be used for more than 7 years.

Wisdom: ① Base spirits:> 8 years old; ② Seasoning spirits:> 15 years old; ③ Sensory comments: Chenxiang and pleasant, soft and plump.

Taste willingness: ① Base spirits:> 5 years old; ② Seasoning spirits:> 8 years old; ③ Sensory comments: comfortable aroma, soft and smooth.

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