Ecological unprocessed grain

1. Unique formula of six grains

Shede spirits selects the ecological unprocessed grains from the main production areas of high-quality grains to create the ingredients of six grains that one more than traditional five grains, coordinated with the unique "strong aroma technology of six grains”, which is unique in strong flavored brewing: "sweet sorghum, clean rice, soft sticky rice, clear wheat, and barley for brewing" to harmonize the fragrance of Shede liquor. The biggest secret of six grain ingredients is the high content of rice and sticky rice, which forms the unique characteristics of "mellow, sweet, clean and cool" of the base liquor.

2. Intelligent physical storage

Shede spirits has spent more than 40 million yuan to introduce advanced grain storage equipment – 100,000 tons of automatic granary, from the US GSI company, which automatically controls temperature, dehumidification, impurity removal and overturning. It is the first low-temperature physical storage method adopted in China. The temperature during grain storage is regulated by the grain freezer and kept below 15 °C throughout the year to ensure that the grain is free of pests, mold and metamorphic instead of spraying drugs to fumigate pests, which thus effectively avoided secondary pollution to grain. It is the green grain storage base for Shede spirits.

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